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Mark Sloan (Eric Dane)We got a little bit of closure with this one since Mark had a "surge" and said his goodbyes before he slipped into a coma again post-plane crash. Ellis Grey (Kate Burton)Ellis dies without anyone around her, but she ends up "saving" Meredith at the same time.Callie was the one who had to remove his life support, which we saw again when Meredith did the same for Derek. Meredith survived taking the bomb out of the man, but as Dylan was walking it out of the building, it exploded and killed him. As her heart fails, she speaks to Meredith in some alternate universe afterlife and tells her "you shouldn't be here" and "you're anything but ordinary," causing Mer to wake up.Average5 ft 5 in or 165 cm119 pounds or 54 kg Tina is one of those few celebrities, whose romantic life has not been in the news and dating history remained concealed.Though, in early January 2015, some reports stated that she got engaged with her guy. White Tina Majorino is of Italian, Cuban, French descent on her father’s side and has English and German ancestry on her mother’s side. Her natural hair color is ‘Light Brown.’from 1992 to 1993.So while we're crying and mourning Mc Dreamy, let's pour one out for the dozens of characters who have been killed off of Shonda's shows. He wrote "007" on Meredith's hand to reveal himself, and we're still screaming six seasons later.

But then suddenly he had a blood clot and died at the drop of a hat, leaving Izzie inconsolable in her beautiful dress (and all of us sobbing).James Novak (Dan Bucatinsky)Jake shot James because he knew too much about Daniel's death, but he made it look like a carjacking.David Rosen is the only living witness of that night. (Dylan Minnette)Jerry was poisoned by Tom Larsen at Rowan's orders, and he died suddenly while standing right next to his family.His brain bleed wasn't detected since he was still trying to help Maya, so he and Derek actually died in the same way.Ryan Kerrigan (Wes Brown)Ryan dated Amelia Shepherd briefly before he overdosed.

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] died at the hands of incompetent surgeons on last night's shocking episode.

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