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“Some of the older folks at the Dylan shows said they expected to not like us: they made it very clear.But then they’d come up to us afterward and say, ‘I was expecting you to sound like what music sounds like from musicians your age, which is something I don’t like, but I still liked you.'” In 2004, Moore told PEOPLE, “I’ve learned that I am just not going to talk about my personal life anymore.That coincided with my personal life not being in a great place."But now, she's not only in forever-love onscreen with one of the all-time great, , that's not the only road Moore has traveled to get from there to here.Here's a look at the romantic history that helped inform all of her current gratitude, some of them guys who, even if they couldn't carry a tune, certainly found things to sing about...While Moore has been tugging at our heartstrings as Rebecca Pearson on and for many, it has filled the TV void of a heartfelt, tear-jerking family drama.If nothing else, both shows make frequent use of popular music and acoustic tunes to help underscore dramatic moments.In fact, she was a fan of Dawes before she ever met Goldsmith, who actually reached out to her after she shared a photo of one of the band's album covers on Instagram.

“I feel like the last year of my life has really been such a cleansing period and yeah, the house is totally symbolic of where I’m lucky enough to find myself at this point in my life, at 33,” the actress told PEOPLE in July. “I think he’s very sentimental about his stuff and I’m not, so I don’t understand that as much, but I’m very compassionate about it and sympathetic.” On the indie rock scene since 2009, Dawes went on tour to promote their third studio album during the summer of 2013.

Moore’s fans will recognize Goldsmith from their adorable photos together that she’s shared on Instagram, but here are five fun facts about Goldsmith and the couple.

Moore and Goldsmith currently share a temporary home while they are renovating a midcentury house near Los Angeles. It’s the best feeling.” Moore told PEOPLE over the summer that she was looking forward to blending her things with Goldsmith’s and planning several spaces in the new house for his collections.

They’d previously worked with songwriters including John Fogerty and Jackson Browne, but this summer tour offered them a brush with one of music’s biggest icons, when they opened for Bob Dylan.

“I feel like we’re very lucky in the sense that Dawes can be the kind of band that plays with Bright Eyes or M. I don’t know if there are a lot of bands of guys in their twenties that can do that,” Goldsmith told Esquire in 2013.

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"We were each other's first loves..." and then the room exploded into Howard, Artie Lange and Robin Quivers glomming onto him with the virginity question.

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