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Coe sent two officers, Scotty Vestal and Tim Lee Gwyn, to the house, where they waited for backup.

Another officer found Candice's body in the downstairs bedroom. She'd been beaten and suffocated; an electrical cord was tied around her neck and reinforced with a layer of tape. And her jeans were pulled down around her knees, leaving her half naked.

Vernetta Cockerham woke up on November 19, 2002, feeling at peace for the first time since she could remember.

Why aren't the laws against domestic violence enforced?

She was barely through the door when he lunged at her with a knife. She felt a shard of glass slice into her head and the warmth of her blood dripping down her back.

"I killed her," she heard him say as if in slow motion. Just before she blacked out, she felt his hands around her throat. The front door was closed now, and as Cockerham struggled with the dead bolt, she caught sight of her fingers—cut so badly, bone showed through the flesh.

Monica abandons the jam plan and decides to have a baby instead.

Phoebe is dating a guy who used to be obsessed with her sister and now has a restraining order to keep away from Ursula.

There she collapsed in the doorway, her throat slashed and bleeding heavily.

A 70 centstamp must be placed on any gift of property or any deed with a property valuation of less than 0.00.c.

Agreements and Contracts for Deeds: same as above on Mortgage amount AND Documentary Stamps at 70 cents per 0.00 on purchase price (just as if a deed were being recorded, this will NOT have to be paid again when the deed is recorded)This tax applies to notes, bonds or other obligation for payment of money secured by a mortgage or deed of trust (or other instrument of similar nature having the effect of a mortgage upon real property).

FINE AMOUNT IF ATTENDING DRIVER IMPROVEMENT SCHOOL: NOTE: Pursuant to Florida Statutes 322.0261(4)(a), if you are cited for a violation under 316.074(1), 316.075(1)(c)1, 316.172(1)(A), or 316.191(3)(a), and do not elect traffic school when making your payment, points will be assessed and the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will send you a notice requiring you to attend a driver improvement course.

Synopsis: Monica makes tons of jam to take control of her life and to get over Richard.

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