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She can get out of control if not eaten bread for one day.

There are also persisting rumors of Teto's Chimera alter-ego, giving her dragon wings and a tail. As for her other skills, she can whip up tricks to extend DVD rentals, and her favorite country is Norway. Some depictions describe this chain as her "tail" and sometimes move on its own volition.

Since that, two packages had been released: the "Tougou full, CV/VCV" and the "Tandoku lite, CV only" version. Teto Kasane has a governing policy imposed by the author in regards to usage of both the voicebank and the character. Combined with Defoko (Uta) and Momo, they are often referred to as "The 3 UTAU Girls." This is due to the fact that they were the first 3 UTAUloids to be publicly released.Some have tried to make her sing in other foreign languages such as English.Teto's voicebank has seen revisions; first, the original release, the second being teto-02, and a new version, teto-03 alpha. ADAMIANSHI YVELAZE METAD ERTGULEBAS DA UBRALOEBAS VAFASEB. SITYVEBI RAC YVELAZE METAD MAGIDZIANEBS "YVELA KACI ERTNAIRIA." მისი უნარი დაინახოს და გაანალიზოს ცხოვრება და ფაქტები ობიექტურად, ეხმარება მას თავი იგრძნოს კმაყოფილად.Kukuri, singing the song it sung when Kyohei was its seki, saves Hibino and Kyohei and destroys Magatsuhi. While unconscious, Kyohei dreams of the past with Aki, Mahiru, and Senou. After all I’ve invested in this excellent cast, I’d hate for it to end so abruptly. For all the trials ahead for our man Kyohei, and despite the fact Mahiru’s kakashi was wasted and Utao lost control of hers, this was also a surprisingly upbeat episode.

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