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Unlike the majority of wannabe players that you see on a night out – guys that move from girl to girl hoping that one of them might find the ‘slime-ball’ style attractive.

When I got talking to one of my matches (all in the name of research, of course), I even got asked to go on a date with him.

Can one really get anything from it, or is it just a way for people to have a laugh and see if there is anyone fit in their neighbourhood?

Although it all seems to be fairly harmless, all likes and dislikes being anonymous and contact only available once you’ve got a match, I did struggle to imagine a match made on Tinder actually working out.

They replace previously issued guidelines in respect of goods and services.

The EU Commission has revised the Public Procurement Directive’s thresholds resulting in an increase in the thresholds for advertising in the Official Journal of the EU. Click The Tender Advisory Service (TAS) is being piloted to assist suppliers who have issues or concerns with a procurement process carried out by the Office of Government Procurement (OGP) or other public sector contracting body (excluding the commercial semi-state bodies).

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