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Ex-police chief Bill Blair, who is working with Trudeau on cannabis legalisation, says Canada has the highest rates of cannabis usage in the world, pointing out: “You can’t regulate something that’s prohibited.” But as Troy Dayton observes: “The idea that there will be generic unbranded cannabis is absurd.

“Investors are very excited about Canada.” Arcview, which thinks the legal cannabis market will be worth .2bn (£6.2bn) by 2018, is now betting on Canada to consolidate the gains made by the US – particularly Colorado, currently the most sophisticated cannabis market in the world.

Instead, there are vapes, concentrates, pills tinctures, edibles, and as Dayton puts it, “ranges that include high CBD (cannabidiol) strains that make you want to party, low CBD brands that make you creative.” He adds that it’s the oldies, the baby boomers, who want old-fashioned joints, and that there’s also a huge ancillary industry of home kits, phone apps and gardening tips – in Canada, anyone of legal age will be allowed to grow up to four marijuana plants for their own consumption.

*** As the cannabis market matures, it is becoming more normalised.

“A lot of expertise has built up in Colorado, which is itching to go abroad without the constraints,” adds Dayton.

“Canada will lap the US and be an incredible powerhouse.” Other social gains are expected.

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Such outlets follow America’s example, where there’s definitely been a move to chic rather than Cheech and Chong.

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