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A Dallas-based group initially formed at the University of Texas at Dallas making independent games.

On its surface, Extrasolar looks like a legitimate scientific expedition -- the first to send rovers to a planet beyond our solar system.

Help a Mayfly find its destiny in a world made of hand-cut paper, set to an original soundtrack. Explore a house to discover the story of the people who lived there. We are a team of former AAA devs that went indie to make Gone Home.

Super Chop Games is a two-man power trio hailing from Austin, TX. You arrive home expecting your family to greet you, but nobody is there. Gunpoint is a side-scrolling stealth puzzle game about breaking into games in clever or noisily stupid ways.

Dog Eat Dog - a game of colonialism and assimilation in the Pacific Isles.

Have fun, tell stories with friends, experience microaggression!

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If no controllers of your color are activated, you're eliminated immediately.

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