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As far as online play goes, Sony acknowledged that last year's Show was basically unplayable over the 'net and took a lot of steps to try and fix the bandwidth issues that slowed down gameplay and made timing swings and pitches nearly impossible.

Presentation-wise, The Show looks as fantastic as ever.

But at any rate, let's press on and talk about this year's version of 's mantra has always been to deliver the most realistic replication possible of our national pastime, and to that end their attention to detail is rather obsessive (which I mean in a very good way).

The first thing I noticed when I fired up the PS3 version is that the numbers of the back of the jersey have their own textures now, and that's just one of the myriad tiny graphical improvements made from last year, including some new fielding animations, check swings, and even the ever-comical sight of fans along the baselines diving over the wall to try and snag foul balls.

If they eliminated that aspect of the game, on the PSP must be viewed as a colossal disappointment, since the game basically went unchanged (without all the minor improvements of the PS3 version), and there's no online play any more.

I mean, is a lot to pay for a glorified roster update that can't even be updated in-season.

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