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He was charged with grievous bodily harm with intent and two counts of assault in November 2015 after a fight outside a pub.The prosecutor said: 'We view this offence as so serious that it passes the custody threshold.' Hirst described her behaviour as 'horrendous' and told the court she 'cringed' when watching the CCTV footage back during police interview.As she left the court, having changed out of her pink dungarees, she said she was 'fuming'.North Yorkshire Police were made aware of the footage by the local media after it was posted on Twitter by a member of the Domino's staff.

I had my fair share of disappointments, and I think many audiences will walk away unsatisfied by its documentary-like style and unusual structure.Defending, Scott Mc Laughlin attempted to have the CCTV footage thrown out but magistrates rejected his request.In mitigation, he said: 'This case speaks for itself.Staff can be seen working in the kitchen as deliverymen come and go throughout.Hirst, 29, sat at the back of the court with her hands over her eyes in shame through the more explicit parts of the 18-minute clip.

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