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Digital records, instant messaging and various data protection requirements are making this a more challenging task than in the careful days of yesterday, but we have to try. Mr Wood did not have the world’s sunniest disposition, but a poetic tribute suited him as a great lover of verse, especially Tennyson’s.” My secondary schooling was totally in East Sussex, initially at Lewes County Grammar School for Boys from 1960 to 1965.

The resulting mix would have made a strong stomached builder gag!Tim Rothwell has now reminded me that Sidney Allnutt was ‘Gus’ while PE teacher David Holness was of course ‘Muscles’.Decorum and a little restraint are needed in the interests of good taste and indeed the feelings of descendants.I had known Ricky and Alan long before we began travelling every day on the No.30 Maidstone & District bus but they hadn’t known me.

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