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For example, a Snort rule may closely resemble the traffic patterns of a custom-written Web application that your organization uses.

In this case you would disable this rule so you don't get false-positive alerts when the application is used.

You can also choose which rules you want Snort to use and which to ignore to taylor Snort to your network environment.You may see the term IPS for Intrusion Prevention Systems which takes things one step further, having the IDS adjust the firewall when it discovers something.Smart people disagree on the use of IPSs as it, in effect, gives an attacker some control of your firewall.By not putting an IP address on Snort's promiscuous NIC you can get away with plugging this NIC into a DMZ link or even outside of your firewall (on your Internet link). (We specify using this switch on our Installation page.) If you have more than one brand of NIC to choose from it'll make your life a little easier if you use NICs by two different manufacturers as it will be easier to determine which NIC Debian designates as the Connecting the promiscuous NIC into the segment you want to monitor is not as easy as just plugging it into a switch port.On this page we assigned an address to the eth0 interface and we'll be using eth1 as the promiscuous interface. Because switches segment each port into it's own little collision domain, if you do plug the promiscuous NIC into a switch port it'll only see broadcast traffic.

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