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Becoming curious, he began to slowly wander into the city, starting to love the city.The case of Barton Mathis deeply affected Bruce as a child, being one of his first tastes of the evil in the world.Determined to never do anything with Wayne Enterprises, Bruce started to blame the Court of Owls for his tragedy, but nearly killed himself.In high school, Bruce attended the Roxbury Fielding Academy and started to come out of his shell, dating Erin Mc Killen, although he left her for her sister Shannon.His training with Shihan was abruptly ended when the master was assassinated by Mio, whom Bruce thereafter thought presumed dead.Leaving for Lagos, Bruce competed in his first death match and managed to survive without killing anyone.Hell bent on stopping other children from feeling how he felt, Bruce's quest for vigilantism started in secrecy but still maintained some initial contact with Alfred.

Bruce brought little with him, but did decide to keep his How to Move On journal.

Bruce had also been a part of various metahuman teams.

Although honoured outside of Gotham for his presence in metahuman teams, inside his own city, he was looked down with a more negative light, even being hunted by the police at times.

In Gotham he held a giant gala, but after leaving for Tibet once more, he ceased all contact with Alfred and was declared legally dead.

In Tibet, he began to train with Shihan Matsuda while also slowly falling in love with a girl named Mio.

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Displaying signs of psychosis, Bruce was treated by Dr. The journal ended up giving Bruce the idea that he needed to accomplish tasks to finally move on from the deaths of his parents.

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