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Show #1090: Of Sanctuary Cities & Lifeboat Ethics - (14.66 MB) Listen Now Guest: Matt O'Brien, Director of Research, Federation for American Immigration Reform Subject: Hundreds of millions, give or take, would like to clamber into the sanctuary of lifeboat USA. One such conference, Eco Farm, brings together like minded ecofarmers from around the world, and they lead us to ask.... Topics include what makes ecological farming different from organic and other styles of farming; how the Eco Farm conference works to propagate ecological farming; and whether ecofarmers can grow enough food to feed a hungry world. - (14.77 MB) Listen Now Guest: James Bovard, Author & Anti-Czar Czar Subject: Topics include a look at the workings of USDA, an agency with a billion budget that grows nothing and sells nothing; who and what enjoys the largess of the USDA; and whether the USDA needs, as some assert, to be drained.Given the condition of the waters in which they tread, who can blame them? Show #1086: To Subsidize Or Not to Subsize - (15.72 MB) Listen Now Guest: Don Scott, Director of Sustainability, National Biodiesel Board Subject: The federal government has subsidized the biofuel industry with tax credits and price supports. Topics include how fuels are made from plant and animal products; why the industry that manufacturers those fuels has been subsidized by the government; and whether government should continue to subsidize the biofuels industry.Show #1094: Food as Weapons of Terror - (9.89 MB) Listen Now Guest: Hank Parker, Ph. Will food be used as a deliberate weapon of terror?D, Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Georgetown University, Author Containment Subject: That accidental contaminations of food have periodically caused injury and death throughout the U. Topics include a look at past efforts to use food as a weapon of terror; the various ways food could be turned into weapons of terror; and what can be done to protect against such weapons.Show #1093: - (14.66 MB) Listen Now University of California Molecular Biologist and Professor Emeritus Harry Noller Subject: Topics include a look into the mechanisms of living cells; how the ribosomes within those cells manufacture the essential proteins of life, and whether our knowledge of those ribosomes can help us find viable replacements for the antibiotics that are no longer viable.Show #1092: Dammed California: Water enough for agriculture?And those clamoring to grow organic food in water lead us to ask: Should foods grown in water be allowed the organic label? Show #1115: Down for the Sperm Count - (14.98 MB) Listen Now Subject: Topics include the sperm counts revealed by the Mindlis co-authored study; why men in developed nations lost sperm, while men in developing nations lost none; and the possible consequences of men losing their sperm.Show #1112: Getting Down to Cannabusiness - (14.84 MB) Listen Now Guests: Les Isralow, Cannabis Media Producer; Steve Leavy, Med Men Kayvan Khalatbari, Cannabis Entrepreneur & Politician & Steve Goldner, e Subject: Topics include how cannabis business money works; what pharmaceutical uses are emerging; and how cannabusiness and politics mix.

Show #1119: Political Food Activism - (15.57 MB) Listen Now Guest: Julie Guthman, Ph D, Co-Author of The New Food Activism, Subject: Topic include why some believe free market forces have been insufficient to provide for a healthy food chain; how political activism has emerged to force needed change; and whether this activism can actually bring social justice to food. - (40.08 MB) Listen Now Subject: It would be much easier, and a lot cleaner, to grow organic food in water. Renee Dufault, Former FDA Inspector, Author of Unsafe At Any Meal Subject: Topics include how the FDA protects bad things in good food; what impact bad things can have on the human body; and what can be done to protect against bad things in good food.But when a crop has been re-engineered to contain a pesticide, and to be drenched in herbicides, we wonder...How can a GMO be substantially equivalent to an non-GMO? - (14.73 MB) Listen Now Guest: Justine Smith, Doctoral Student, University of California, Santa Cruz Subject: Topics include the extent to which people, pumas and prey live in close proximity; how all are adjusting to living together; and whether people, as the apex predator, can live in harmony with other predators and their prey. - (15.25 MB) Listen Now Guests: Ecological Farming Foundation veterans Sam Earnshaw, Thomas Wittman and Deborah Yashar Subject: Winter is the time to sort seeds and confer on a new growing season at one of the many farm conferences around the nation.Show # 1104 : Strawberry Fields Forever - (20.4 MB) Listen Now Guests: University of California, Santa Cruz Professor of Soil Science Carol Shennan and Assistant Specialist, Margherita Zavatta Subject: Topics include why strawberry farming has come to rely on sterile soil and pesticides; what possibilities may be seen with biological soils; and whether strawberries, and other crops, can be mass-produced without pesticides.Show #1103: The Fake Meat of Silicon Valley - (10.23 MB) Listen Now Guests: San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writers Tara Duggan and Jonathan Kauffman Subject: Topics include the technology of producing fake meats; the financial opportunities seen in the fake meat industry, and speculation as to whether fake meat will grow into a real meat industry.

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