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I envy him getting to make out will all the hot gays in the NY theatrical world of that golden period. And, yes, I have had sex with David and he's fun and hot and not remotely pretentious or self-involved....a nice, intelligent, fun guy who likes sex. I feel fortunate to have him read my post and then call me an asshole.I mean people like Bernstein, Lang, Dale, and probably any chorus boy in WSS and Gypsy. The other issue is that even with considerable photoshopping, most of these pictures are just so-so. Not that he would fuck me but my hole would consider itself blessed. What part of "bitchy gay gossip board" did you not understand, loser?Given how much he's done, he might as well go full tilt and do some action scenes. He could do something a touch artier with Colby Keller or Travis Matthews or Antonio Da Silva. I like Meloni kink pics like pissing with a half hard on and presenting hole. I've met him and have interacted with him many times.He's very charming and he's more handsome in person.He's an okay looking, narcissistic whore-wanna-be, who gets off on himself. Now, a smart older man with humor, sex appeal, charm, and a bit of modesty...that's hot.

We're about the same age but I wish I had always looked half as good.

The ruggedly handsome jewish guy is always a knockout. Do you just tell them if they don't like it they can take a long walk off a short pier?

But if this is really you, and I hope it is, I have always wondered what relatives, friends and neighbors think when they google someone who is a celebrity and find all this tasty stuff. Do you wonder what your nieces and nephews(if you have any) might think and what their friends might say when they googled you?

I'm always amazed how much attention whores like this get here.

There's nothing remotely interesting about this guy.

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Much of the bitchiness here can be cured with diet and exercise.[quote]I think it is refreshing for an actor in Hollywood to finally understand that he is never going to "hit". Now, just enjoy the middle age with your pants down and your shaved butthole hanging out. I posed for them, I'm proud of them, and they are no longer my "dirty little secret". Jesus, the most recent photos at R115 and R117 are ridiculous.

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