Excel 2016 screenupdating not working

This would allow me to use both the sheets as one table and fetch all of my data into a new sheet.

Click here to download the demo file & use it to understand this technique. If yes please put in the comment below how do you use the same and what has been your experience. If you are new to VBA, Excel macros, go thru these links to learn more.

I hope you had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve celebration, and are off to a good start in 2012. To see the steps for copying the code into your worksheet, and an explanation of how the code works, you can watch this short Excel video tutorial.

Things got a bit rowdy at the Contextures office party, and I found these guys passed out on the floor, the next morning.

As I have suggested earlier, one entire sheet will be treated as one single table, so if you have multiple datasets that were currently organized within one sheet you may have to create multiple sheets to store that data to be able to use them as tables. Many people ask, how to consolidate 2 or more sheets which have the similar data.

Well I would have adopted this method and wrote a simple query as below.

For example, if you change the “Item” report filter in one pivot table, all the other pivot tables with an “Item” filter will change.

They get the same report filter settings that were in the pivot table that you changed.

Please note following points : - embedded images must be save on your computer (as a jpg file or png file) ; - Since outlook 2013, embedded images must be attached to the email as well.

The code loops through all the worksheets in the file, and through each pivot table on each sheet.

Private Sub Worksheet_Pivot Table Update(By Val Target As Pivot Table) Dim ws Main As Worksheet Dim ws As Worksheet Dim pt Main As Pivot Table Dim pt As Pivot Table Dim pf Main As Pivot Field Dim pf As Pivot Field Dim pi As Pivot Item Dim b MI As Boolean On Error Resume Next Set ws Main = Active Sheet Set pt Main = Target Application. Screen Updating = False For Each pf Main In pt Main. Enable Multiple Page Items For Each ws In This Workbook.

Once this is done we need to hit the road with some VBA code.

On this line, we define all the possible file extensions that we are allowed to create an Excel Workbook and then use as our database.

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