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Originally it was a light bouncing dance predominantly performed in closed dancing position, emphasizing fancy footwork and an eight-beat figure, with a few breakaways.

There's also triple swing, where you add a couple steps on the slow beats.

Louis shag (which is a variation on the Lindy hop) nor Carolina shag (which is a variation of West Coast swing, which in turn is called Alcatraz in New Orleans). I use the term generically to cover every form of swing from the l910s Texas Tommy to the 1980s hustle.

[See Robert Crease's interesting article, The Return of the Shag in the September 1988 Atlantic.] The problem is, Hutch continues, every major U. Its the form of dance the young generation performs to their popular contemporary music.

West Coast swing on the East Coast, a la Carolina shag, emphasizes the man doing the rhythm breaks the man is the show.

In country swing there's very little leg work; in West Coast there's a lot of leg and foot work.

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