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Located on the western bank of the Don River, in the Khokholsky District of the Voronezh region in Russia, Kostenky (Kostienki) does not comprise a single archeological site but a group of about 20 different sites clustered around the villages of Kostenky and Borshevo.Occupied by Neanderthals during the Middle Paleolithic, scholars believe that they were displaced around 30,000 BCE by the first wave of "modern man", a view supported by the fact that the earliest directly-dated modern human remains from Kostenky date to about 30,000 BCE.From behind, she appears to be wearing a fringe or girdle.However, compared to the caricature-type figurines, like the Venus of Willendorf (25,000 BCE) or the Venus of Gagarino (20,000 BCE), its overall appearance is relatively naturalistic.

Though less famous, a second mammoth ivory figurine from the same site (see figure 3), is considered to be more representative of the Kostenky-Avdeevo-Gagarino style.As well as Kostenky, items of mobiliary art and cave art have been found at many other Russian and Ukrainian archeological sites, including: Amvrossievka, Apiantcha, Avdeevo, Bez'imyannyi, Borchtchevo, Brynzeny, Dobranitchevka, Ubovaya Balka, Eliseevichi/Yeliseevichi, Gagarino Gontzy, Ignatievskaya, Ilskaya, Kaistrovaya Balka, Khoylevo, Kievo-Kirillovskaya, Klimaoutzy, Klinetz, Kosseoutzy, Lissitchniki, Mal'ta, Mejiritch, Mezin, Molodova, Murakovka, Novgorod Severskyi, Puchkari, Rogalik, Smelobskaya, Starye Duruitory, Sungir, Suponevo, Timonovka and Yudinovo, to name but a few.See also the Kapova Cave Paintings (12,500 BCE) in the Shulgan-Tash Preserve, in the Urals.For other contemporaneous prehistoric art from the Russian interior, see: Amur River Pottery (from 14,300 BCE).Twenty eight centimetres in height (11 inches), the ivory Venus of Kostenky (fig 1) is carved from mammoth tusk and has a number of features typical of most Aurignacian and Gravettian venus statuettes: a swollen belly, enlarged buttocks, heavy, drooping breasts and vulva clearly indicated.

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