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The following UPDATE statements result in different population increases for different countries in the NEWCOUNRTRIES table.proc sql; update sql.newcountries set population=population*1.05 where name like 'B%'; update sql.newcountries set population=population*1.07 where name in ('China', 'Russia'); title "Selectively Updated Population Values"; select name format=., capital format=., population format=comma15.0 from sql.newcountries; Selectively Updated Population Values Name Capital Population ------------------------------------------------------ Brazil Brasilia 168,325,875 China Beijing 1,286,370,132 India New Delhi 929,009,120 Indonesia Jakarta 202,393,859 Russia Moscow 161,666,278 United States Washington 263,294,808 If you omit the ELSE clause, then each row that is not described in one of the WHEN clauses receives a missing value for the column that you are updating.To edit an existing row in a Data Table, you need to locate the Data Row you want to edit, and then assign the updated values to the desired columns.If you don't know the index of the row you want to edit, use the Applications that use data-bound controls typically add new records through the Add New button on a Binding Navigator Control.By using the UNDO_POLICY= option, you can control whether the changes that have already been made will be permanent.The UNDO _POLICY= option in the PROC SQL and RESET statements determines how PROC SQL handles the rows that have been inserted or updated by the current INSERT or UPDATE statement up to the point of error.

For more information about updating views, see Updating a View.

You can use multiple UPDATE statements, each with a different expression.

However, each UPDATE statement can have only one WHERE clause.

The examples in this section update the original NEWCOUNTRIES table.

Updated Population Values Name Capital Population ------------------------------------------------------ Brazil Brasilia 168,325,875 China Beijing 1,262,325,831 India New Delhi 975,459,576 Indonesia Jakarta 212,513,552 Russia Moscow 158,644,478 United States Washington 276,459,548 If you want to update some, but not all, of a column's values, then use a WHERE expression in the UPDATE statement.

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