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The system uses signals as opposed to initial direct communication, and it’s only when the ice is broken that virtual cards are swapped. It’s about the potential to hook up with those in the vicinity who share common interests and lifestyles.” Plane was soft-launched in Scandinavia a couple of months ago and feedback from users has been incredibly positive. 10,549 miles may seem a long way, but for me it was the most amazing year of my life.I began my journey on January 28th 2012, just me, a passport, and rather large (and over packed) backpack. Thoughts were racing through my head driving me crazy, would I make friends, where would I live, and what if I ran out of money?“Here at Plane we really believe there’s space for something new. “It was the nudge, or kick, I needed to take the plunge and start my own business.” Not long after he set up Darling Dash, an app development company which initially created games for i Pad.

I’m a bit cynical myself, so I took my question online, to scout for some real life experiences from our Twitter followers, and got some very intriguing replies.And as for the swiping/selfie generation he believes too that we’ve hit overload. Firmly believing no life experience is lost, Allison references Steve Jobs’ famous Stanford speech when he spoke of ‘connecting the dots’. In 2009, just when it seems Allison had found his particular niche at a creative agency in the North-East of England, the global financial crisis hit hard and he was let go.“There’s always a time for change and maybe it’s now,” he explains. Such things can be catastrophic for some, but Allison felt excited about the possibilities that lay ahead.So it’s natural that during those wonder years, months, or weeks, while having the time of our lives away from home, we are more open to falling in love.But, can holiday romances actually go the distance?

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